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"I have a lot of pent up anger and hostility, and I have to get it out somehow, since I'm not in touch with my inner child and have an inherent inability to verbalize my feelings."

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ibreakthemold asked:I just finished the 10 books. And one of the things I especially liked is that Mia talks about the movies made about her life. Which brings us to the movies that Disney did. And as Mia thinks has nothing to do with her life. And as I LOVED the michael in the end. He is very cute. A shame that the film does not have many scenes with him, and also the most beautiful and romantic scenes will stay forever in our imagination only. Plus I really want to see who climb Disney for Tina.

I thought that was pretty cool too. Tina is one of my favorite characters and it is a tragedy that she was not included in the film. Especially considering how mean Lily is for half of it.

And it’s true, Movie Michael is cute but doesn’t compare to Book Michael. Disney got the eccentricity down, but not the brilliance of his mind lol.

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itistheponds asked:Can we talk about how in the end she does date the guy who hates it when they put corn in the chili? (I always loved that. And that she and Kenny sort-of-dated and by the end of the books they were dating siblings. I think I basically liked how everyone ended up dating everyone to be honest :P)

LOLL don’t you wonder if that was the plan all along, and Cabot just added in all of those little bits about her disdain for the chili boy to mess with us (I would have liked to see it onscreen too). I love it when authors/screenwriters bring peripheral characters to the forefront. 

ETA I also like when Lily ended up dating Boris after they’d both spent a year picking on him and his tendency to tuck his sweater in. And then he got all hot over one summer. THAT is life right there

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