Part of being a self-realized woman is learning to not be afraid of your own power. I have had to realize that a lot of people will be uncomfortable with my assertiveness and intelligence and strength but that’s their problem and not mine. I have had to realize that I don’t deserve to keep company with people who are threatened by me taking charge of my own life. Of my own life.

I’ve had to learn that every message to be more quiet, more demure, more obedient is spoken by people who are most certainly weaker than I am and are reliant on sexism to hopefully persuade me to give up on myself.

- excerpt from “For Women: The False Seduction of Giving up Power" @ One Black Girl. Many Words. (via daniellemertina)

self actualized


Sometimes i thought that i dont really have an otp but then i started rereading the princess diaries and my mia x michael feels are exploding